Monday, November 21, 2016

My Kitchen Command Central

I know everyone's mind is on Thanksgiving, but I'm excited to finally share pictures of my 'little' kitchen command central.  This space has been a life saver and it functions perfectly.

When you enter from the garage, you directly walk into the kitchen (with no mudroom) and you might remember one of the first things I did was to create a mini mudroom by converting a hanging closet into a mini mudroom.  See original post here.

We lived with this for about a year, before I decided I need more function.  I basically needed places to put things - artwork, mail, magazines, etc.  I had to think vertically and use only wall space because there was no floor/desk or counter space to use.  You can see my original inspiration here.

First, I needed a large bulletin board to hang the kid's artwork, etc.

When they come home from school, I open up their backpacks and up goes their artwork.  Here is how I made the bulletin board.  The kids (mostly E) love seeing their artwork hung up.

I hung 3 simple hooks under the bulletin board to hang my purse (instead of plopping it on the floor or on the kitchen counter), her backpack (it's small and light) or the kids jackets, etc.

These three simple hooks have made things so much easier!  In the above picture, you can see the garage door to the right.

When you walk directly into the kitchen from the garage, this is your view!  I used this wall to put all my paper 'stuff' - think all the mail, catalogs, magazines, coupons, forms, flyers.......basically, EVERYTHING!!  Before, I was dumping it all in a basket that sat on the ktichen counter and it was so disorganized.

I bought Martha Stewart's magazine/file storage on sale in canary yellow for half off and spray painted it white.  Since the wall space could accommodate one more thing, I got Martha Stewart's cork board (perfect size) to sit next to the magazine/file storage.  It holds the important numbers, reminders and basically anything that mom wants to put on the board.   This wall works double duty!

Well, there you have it - my two wall kitchen command central!!  I absolutely LOVE it and it makes me so happy to walk into the kitchen and not to see a huge mess.  Now, there is a place for everything!  No excuses!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Making Room for a Crowd - My Thanksgiving Table

Happy November!  Recently, StyleBlueprint Louisville contacted me for some tips on successful holiday entertaining.  I thought what a great opportunity, as I recently had to dust off a folding table stored in our attic a couple of weekends ago, when we invited a few friends over very last minute for an impromptu dinner.

Aren't we all having to do the same thing?  Trying to accommodate a large number of guests or even last minute company during the holidays??

Below I share how to entertain for a crowd 'stylishly' this season using a folding table and mismatched chairs!  Hop over to StyleBlueprint Louisville to read more about this here.

To hide my ugly folding table I bought two yards of burlap fabric for under $10 from Joann's to act as the tablecloth and then layered my monogrammed linen hemstitch runner I already owned on top of it.  I almost always use chargers when it comes to setting my holiday tables (instead of placemats) as they always make for easy clean-up.  Besides, it mixes up your china which lightens the mood.

Another no-fail tip is to always use greenery as your centerpiece.  Here, I bought a couple of bunches of seeded eucalyptus from Trader Joe's for $3/bunch and combined it with a dozen of coral colored spray roses from Kroger.  The resin antlers holiday ornaments, I picked up from Digs Home and Garden for $15, make for a nice addition to my centerpiece.  I also picked up some fallen magnolia leaves (with sprigs of winterberries) from my backyard and used them as an embellishment on each of the guest's plates.

Lots of layers and texture!

Don't worry about mixing your chairs during the holidays.  Here I used my upholstered parson chairs (from Ikea) as the host and hostess chairs and then used my bamboo kitchen chairs for the rest of the seating around the table.  

Lighting is so important when decorating your table and setting the mood.  Candles and table lamps (instead of recessed canned lighting) make your home feel cozy and look more festive.  Use pillar, tapered and tea light candles.  Any vessel will work!  I love the look of mercury glass or iridescent votive candle holders when decorating for the holidays.  

I hope you enjoyed my thanksgiving table and tips on entertaining! Thank you to Styleblueprint Louisville for sharing my ideas!


Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Dining Room Refresh

I recently completed a design for a client's dining room who I have been very lucky to work with for a while now!  She wanted to update her dining room and wasn't sure where to start. We initially talked about just changing the paint color and well, one thing led to the next, and you know how that goes! :)

Here is a breakdown of how her space will get a new look:

1) The things that couldn't change were the aqua colored window treatments and her mahogany chippendale dining room set.  To start, I wanted to break-up the all the brown in the furniture and so my client boldly agreed to PAINT her dining room chairs a creamy off-white!  The dining room table and chairs pictured above in the design board are actually hers (after she painted the chairs)!!

2) My clients LOVES audubon artwork.  I suggested a large framed audubon print over her buffet table.  It's the perfect spot for something dramatic because you immediately see it in when you enter through the front door.  The audubon's colors are fantastic and determined the rest of the color palette for the space.  Below is a more detailed shot of what I was envisioning....

3) We decided to go bold and paint the walls a beautiful blue green teal.  

4) She also has a beautiful hutch I suggested that she re-paint in a chalky, plaster like off-white color with distressed edges.  The hutch will be flanked with two Ballard Designs Louis chairs upholstered in green velvet with some contrasting welt.  

5) I suggested the Brunschswig and Fils Les Touches fabric for the pillows on her Louis chairs and a warm peacock hue check for the seats of her dining room chairs.  

6) Lastly, we will be accessorizing with a lot of blue and white accessories and bamboo accents as a nod to the hollywood regency look!  

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Modern Rugs with Vintage Vibes

I thought I would share a round-up of rugs that were considered at one point or another for my client's office design.   My client  felt the original rug I presented was not bold enough and wanted something a bit more masculine.

We decided to go a little bolder (in color) with a vintage feel that didn't have the steep price tag that typically comes with vintage rugs.  Here is a round-up of modern rugs with vintage vibes at reasonable prices....

Top Row | 1, 2, 3, 4 |
Bottom Row |1, 2, 3, 4 |

Out of these rugs, I presented three as my favorite and my client chose the OKL rug as her favorite.  The rug has been ordered and keeping my fingers crossed that it'll look fabulous in the office!! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Painted Built-ins

I am so embarrassed at how long it has been since I've last blogged.  I hate to say it, but instagram is just so much easier.  I promise (hope) to get better!

One of the projects I've been working on is an office design for a local client here in Louisville who recently moved into a new home over the summer.  When discussing ideas for their home office, we agreed that built-ins were a great way to increase the cozy factor and inject a sophisticated library feel!

My client also wanted the office to have a slight masculine feel since her husband will most likely be using the office, so we ended up painting the built-ins a beautiful, rich navy color.  See below.

It was a bit of struggle for her to agree to shaker style cabinetry because she wanted a more traditional look, but I'm so happy she went along with my suggestion.  They look great and we will be installing brass hardware pulls and knobs.

We plan on painting the walls a light sage green and we will be using her current desk and club chair.  The plan now is to install new window treatments and an area rug.  Below is the design board.

I think we are down to selecting the final choice of the rug (different from what is pictured), but stop by tomorrow and I'll share some of my top finds for modern vintage rugs.  

Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer happenings….

Hi Guys!  Remember me?  I apologize for the radio silence!!  Summer has been 'happily' full-on with my kid's daily swim practices, baseball games, ballet and hanging out with friends at the pool.  Moreover, I've been up to my eyeballs in client projects!!  With my kids home full time, I'm doing my design work part-time and am so thankful for these opportunities.  Here are some snapshots of what has been going on….

My local client has moved into a new house and we will slowly be tackling one room at a time, starting with her powder room!  The minute I mentioned and showed her Farrow and Ball's color Hague Blue, she fell in love.  Here is the inspiration for her powder room….

Painting to start Thursday…….I can't wait to see it in person!!

We also are working on her home office, dining room and kid's rooms.  Hence, the recent order of Mally Skok purple, pink and orange fabrics.  I love her textiles!  I am looking forward to using one or two of these fabrics in her youngest girl's bedroom.  I think it'll be the perfect complement to BM Silver Bells.

I'm also working with a wonderful, repeat client, in South Carolina on her foyer and den.  You might remember my post on hexagon table skirts; well, her dad has graciously agreed to make her a hexagon table top for her foyer table.  Below are the fabric and trim samples I recently sent her for the tailored table skirt.

We are also working on her den and I love it when I get to work with clients whose design aesthetic I just 'get'!  I love her sense of style and every inspiration picture she sends me, I get so excited.

Recently, she sent me the below inspiration she spotted on OKL and you know you 'understand' your client when you have the same exact picture saved on her 'pinterest' design board!

And, lastly, but certainly not least, there's my newest client from Birmingham, AL.  She's a long-time reader and one of my first followers.  While we've never met, I already feel like she is a good friend!  She has always left the kindest and supportive comments on my blog and IG posts.

She contacted me over a month ago to help her with her guest bathroom. She wants it to be timeless;  using classic elements suitable for guests, but she also wants it to be suitable for her 9 year old daughter who will be using it on a daily basis.

The design plan I forwarded to her includes subway wainscoting for a truly sophisticated and classic look, but it also includes a bit of fun and whimsy for her daughter.

This is where Galbraith and Paul fabrics enter the picture to give the bathroom a youthful and fresh feel!

But, we didn't stop at the fabrics and the plan is to include light blue hexagon tiles for the flooring!  It'll be a lot of fun watching this take shape!

So, lots of fun and pretty projects.  This summer has been so great and I'm particularly looking forward to the end of this week when we leave for vacation!!  Two weeks!!  Whoohoo!  Happy Summer!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Hexagonal Table Skirt for a Client's Foyer

You might remember my Palmetto State client when I worked on giving her living room a new look?? Well, she has asked if I could help her with her entry and family den!  Thank you Kim for the vote of confidence!

My client has a beautiful foyer where she currently has a mahogany pedestal table in the center of it.

I do love a beautiful table in a foyer.  It is the perfect piece to display your treasured collections of photographs, coffee books, topiaries, and blue and white ginger jars.  It's also a wonderful way to make a great first impression when people walk into your home.  Moreover, you can tailor your vignette as the seasons change.  They are also just very functional, it's a place to set your keys and sunglasses as you walk through the door.

When putting together thoughts for her entry, I wanted to keep the table in the foyer, but I wanted to do two things specifically, 1) soften the look of the round mahogany pedestal table and 2) modernize it.

So, to achieve that, we are going to do a table skirt to soften things, but we are going to modernize the skirt so it has a tailored look.  We are going to think past the typical round shape and do a hexagonal shape.   Here is some inspiration.

I love how clean and tailored the look is and you have so many options when it comes to designing the skirt.  So, how do you achieve this shape?  One way is searching for a hexagonal or octagonal table.  They are out there, but you will need to do some digging.  If you do a search on 'card' or 'poker' tables on ebay or craigslist, you can find inexpensive tables in this shape.  See below.

Or, you can try the DIY route.  This is the route my client will most likely take and it's all about having fiberboard or plywood cut into the hexagonal shape and securing it to the top of your table.  This article comes in handy if you are considering this route.  

I will certainly share pictures when it's all said and done!!  It's going to be so pretty!!